Hey everyone who has realized how awesome podcasts are!

Learn Beach Volleyball Fast started as a Youtube channel, but at one point I realized that Youtube videos are not necessarily the best way to share some of the content I want to share.

More complex strategies and ideas that take some time to explain, often make people bored if they have to be “stuck” in front of a screen to watch the videos.. so what’s the solution?

Podcasts! With podcasts you can bring the lessons with you, listen to them on the go, while warming up for your next practice or cooking that well needed meal after a long day of playing! It’s kinda like being able to bring a beach volleyball lesson with you and learn whenever you feel like.

Of course, the podcast will also have interviews with interesting people and other fun stuff you can expect from a podcast worth it’s name.

The podcast will launch very soon. For now, if you are eager to listen to some in depth types of beach volleyball lessons, I’d suggest you go and check out the problem solving philosophy videos on Youtube!

I’ll soon be in your podcast app. / Alex