Welcome to the quick start guide for Learn Beach Volleyball Fast! If you are someone eager to become good at beach volleyball quicker, you'll enjoy your time with this project!

In case you are someone who cares about what type of person would create a project like this and why it's different from other beach volleyball projects/coaches you will find in the world, then the ABOUT page might be a good place to start.

Now, after that (or straight away for the more action oriented people!) we might as well start learning something. So here's the deal: Like most online projects by coaches, there will be 3 distinct categories of ways to learn, ranging from free to “expensive” and good to ridiculously good.

Category 1: Youtube channel, podcast and blog (free and good.)

On my Youtube channel, podcast and my Blog, I have tons of free content that has helped beach volleyball players around the world reach the next level in their game. Some people have said my tutorials are the best ones one can find online.

Check it out here!

Category 2: Online courses and books (cheap gamechangers.)

My online courses and books are where I unleash everything I have learned throughout my own journey of outsmarting this sport, presented exactly as I wish it had been presented to me when I personally started playing the sport, hungry for high quality information.

For most people this will be the absolutely smartest way to learn from this project. The course format will allow me to go more in depth enough to truly teach the “secrets” of this sport. Quite often the most powerful lessons will require "combined understanding" (for example you need to understand A, B and C to then be able to combine them to D – which is the true gamechanger) and trying to communicate these types of lessons on Youtube where people usually look for the “quick fix” is just not a good idea.

By offering the most in depth lessons in courses rather than on Youtube, I will be able to deliver better quality content to the ones who are actually committed enough to want it.

If the courses sound like the right thing for you, I'd suggest you go to my COURSE OVERVIEW.

Regarding to books – yes there is a part of me who wants to be one of the few beach volleyball authors out there. I have the first one somewhat close to done, so it will come out soon. I’d suggest you subscribe to the email-newsletter to stay on top of the release!

Category 3: 1 on 1 Coaching/consulting (quickest and most “expensive” game changers)

This is the premium package for the person who wants the best, in the most efficient way. What you will be learning may not be so different from the courses I offer, the difference is that it is done via live communication so we can quicker together figure out exactly what parts will help you the most based on your personal goals and wishes.

Got money but no time? Then this is for you. We will work in person offline or via video chat online.

Why do I call it “expensive”, rather than just expensive? Because compared to what you get for the price, it might still be a way better deal than anything else! See this 1min 40sec part of this video to understand what I mean.

For pricing, more information and booking, go here.

However, if you are seriously considering 1-on-1 coaching, I'd suggest you act fast rather than slow. I will have very limited time for coaching and the more this project (and other things in my life) grows, the harder it will be to get those spots. I have done this mistake several times myself and missed out on great opportunities because of it.

Category 4: group coaching, camps, and hybrid solutions.

I am available also for group coaching and live seminars. In the future I might organize beach volleyball camps around the world and online course/1-on-1 coaching hybrid packages. Signing up for my newsletter to not miss out on early bird offers might be a smart thing to do, and if you have something on mind you can always contact me.

That was an overview of this project, hope it helps! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. To stay up to date with the project, as well as be among the first ones to receive special offers, I'd suggest you join my mailing list (sign up form below), I will have a lot of good things coming for the most committed people for years to come!